Michael Stokoe

Web Developer

Northumberland, United Kingdom

Full-time back-end Laravel Developer experienced in creating APIs and open-source enthusiast.

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Michael Stokoe

Web Developer

Northumberland, United Kingdom

New website!

Welcome to my new blog/site!

After completing my OctoberCMS project at Consilience, I've decided to move away from my OctoberCMS-powered website, in favor of a custom-built solution using TailwindCSS, Laravel 8 and the GitHub API to power the blog.

I decided to switch to a GitHub-powered blog in order to familiarise myself with the GitHub API a bit more. Posts will be fetched from a private repository, containing two directories:

  • Stokoe0990/blogPosts/unpublished
  • Stokoe0990/blogPosts/published

This new structure will allow me to version-control my blog posts, as well as manage published/unpublished states for each post.

I will also be writing all of my new blog posts using Markdown, which will be parsed on render by a back-end library to be converted to HTML ready for display in the front-end.

This isn't too dissimilar from my old OctoberCMS setup, but instead of having a local database and full backend to maintain, I will simply have a fairly basic Laravel application powering the front-end, allowing me to cut several corners in terms of auth, admin panels and the likes.

Content To Be Expected In My Blog

I usually blog about tech stuff, my old blog lay dormant for a long time. With several drafted, unpublished posts that were just hanging in limbo. A few examples of the types of posts I'll be making here:

  • Turbolinks & Laravel
  • De-cluttering your routes files
  • Hirak/Presissimo and Super-speed composer installs
  • Tinkerwell, the Laravel devTool you didn't know you needed
  • Various Linux Distribution topics
  • VueJS tricks and tips

What/Who The Website Is For

In general, the website is targetted at developers like me, who are relatively new to the Web Development world.

I do also hope for anyone who needs some part-time contract work completed to stumble upon my site and get in touch about anything they need. (I have roughly 8-16 hours spare per week that I'd like to fill up!)

Hire Me!

As explained above, I have several hours spare on a weekly basis that I'm more than happy to fill up with extra work. This could be simple consultation work, or development time spent working on making your projects/applications as good as they can be!

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