Michael Stokoe

Web Developer

Northumberland, United Kingdom

Full-time back-end Laravel Developer experienced in creating APIs and open-source enthusiast.

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Michael Stokoe

Web Developer

Northumberland, United Kingdom

Welcome πŸ’–

This is an old post, migrated from my blog on my previous website.

Welcome to my first personal website as a web developer. It's crazy to think it has taken me this long. (Roughly 2 years at this point! 🀯). You're going to find my ramblings, tutorials, neat little things I find and more. πŸ’Ž

There isn't much really going on here at the moment. But I'm really looking forward to pushing more content to my blog and thinking of ideas for things to write about. Though some of that will have to wait, as my current list is long enough.

For a rough picture of what kind of content to expect here:

✨ Laravel Features

🎁 Laravel Packages

🏞 Environment Setups/Configs/Tweaks/QoL

πŸ–₯ Linux/Windows Guides

🎞 Video Content

βœ‚ Useful Code Snippets

πŸ”¬ Product Reviews

πŸ€” Almost anything else I think of along the way

I'm fully anticipating that nobody other than me will be reading this blog. I'm completely comfortable knowing that because this is supposed to be more of a dumping ground of information which I can return to in future, should I need "that cool feature I made X months ago". 😎

Anyways - I'd like to keep the first post short and sweet.

Thankyou for reading 😘

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